2019 Woylie Festival Family Event

posted in Events on 12 April, 2019

In 2019, Paper Bird will be staging a single night event, Moort Kaalak: Family Home-fire, on Saturday, 20 July, as part of the Fremantle Festival 10 Nights in Port. 

Aboriginal elders, writers, educators, musicians, artists and kids will come together in an evening storytelling performance of sand and firelight. The Noongar word for both home and campfire is 'kaalak'.

Also, celebrate the launch of the Woylie Project, a writers development program for Noongar storytellers based at Paper Bird.

"Woylie is about centring Aboriginal voices, giving people a sense of the storytelling tradition of Australia and its roots in oral storytelling, sharing Noongar culture, celebrating Noongar families, and raising awareness of the diversity of Aboriginal stories and communities." (Cassie Lynch, July 2018)

An extended schools program will be be held  from 24 to 28 June at the Fremantle Arts Centre.  There will be 14 primary school half day sessions and 6 high school half day sessions. If you are interested in your school taking part please contact Paper Bird.


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20th July 2019

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