How to Write a Bestseller with Natasha Lester

posted in Events on 22 February, 2017

Crack the formula and aim for the bestseller list by joining award-winning author Natasha Lester for a one day course on 11 March. 

Do bestselling authors like Liane Moriarty, Graeme Simsion, and Kate Morton have a magic formula for writing? Is that why their books sell so well?

Well, perhaps they do, although it's more likely that they understand the craft of writing bestselling, commercial fiction: fiction that's designed to reach a large readership, fiction that grips readers right from the first page and keeps them awake long after midnight, fiction with characters who stay with the reader long after the book is finished, fiction that makes the reader laugh and cry and feel completely satisfied at the end.

Publishers love commercial fiction; it's what hits the bestseller lists, it's what everyone's talking about. And it covers many different genres: women's fiction, historical fiction, suspense, romance, fantasy ... the list goes on.

But writing a bestseller requires a special set of skills, which this course will teach you all about.

You'll learn:

*what commercial fiction is and why publishers and readers love it
*what character likability is, why it's crucial in commercial fiction, and how to create characters that readers love
*how to grab the reader's attention at the beginning of the book, paying special attention to how the first three chapters of a book should work
*how to hold the reader's attention by understanding how to fix common problems like collapsing middles, uninspiring openings, undramatic crises, and lack of narrative tension
*why subplots are important, and how to create subplots that support your main plot and add dazzle to your story
*what stakes are, why they're important, how to create them, and how to raise them
*dialogue pitfalls, including how to transform wooden and expository dialogue to sparkling dialogue that sings on the page
*what to look for when you're editing a work of commercial fiction
*how to sharpen your writing at the sentence level to create a book that is easy to read, as commercial fiction should be (although that doesn't mean it's easy to write!)

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11th March 2017

10:00 to 16:00

Australian Writers Centre, 185 Eighth Ave, Inglewood

$250; book online

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